Actions Love Louder

Graphics by Preethi Makineni
February 27, 2024

Actions Love Louder

Cross the hallway to find me

Braid my hair as if it is made of gold

Pile my plate despite my protests

Accompany me wherever I go

Tell me the names of people we could have been

Stand on beds and take a bow

Play games that I played years ago

Wake to ringing of the same bell

Get too dizzy on the balcony swing

Feel the humidity overtake my smell

Sort through piles of net, silk, and chiffon

Know my secrets, my truths, my lies 

Treat me as your own forever & always

Learn what to do every time I cry

Ask me for meanings that are otherwise lost

Insist that ties are never stretched too thin

We climbed on the roof with a bag full of fireworks

And set them off as the Adhan called

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