Find New Love

Graphics by Sophia Evans
February 20, 2024

Around this time of year, it’s easy to feel lonely if you’re unpartnered. Everything around us in the media screams that February is dedicated to cheesy romantic declarations of love. But when we take a second to think about it, there aren’t many times in the year dedicated to celebrating all the other forms of love we feel as humans! The love we have for our pets, families, friends, and even stuffed animals can often go completely overlooked. It’s important not only to find love in these platonic relationships but also in the things you do for yourself daily. Whether it be taking time to draw or read or maybe even learning how to knit, it’s easy to forget how much love can be poured into our hobbies! That’s why we hope this chart can help you try out a new hobby to dedicate love and time to, as a reminder that love is not just romantic.

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