so it returns, so it lingers

Graphics by Alexa Parish
March 13, 2024

so it returns, so it lingers

and the world keeps spinning without you

head in my lap, yogurt cups, miyazaki movies in 360p

isn’t it strange

how heartbreak still chases you two years later

like some kind of sickening hunger

waiting like a dog at the train station

at the foot of your bed


again and again and again

left a ring of teeth marks bruised

all soft and tender

sinking into the exposed shoulder of my heart

oh, what a shame

what a wretched little animal

and you?

executioner turned martyr turned executioner turned martyr

muzzle against your mouth

too quick to say prayers, too slow to say grace

i don’t remember the way it felt anymore

except that it was bright and hot and slick in my palms

sorry, do i know you?

hand in my hand, honey-scented soap, pale aquarium lights

i should have reopened that scar on your back

then at least it would be mine

and the world keeps spinning without

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