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March 13, 2024


If I wrote this just 2 hours ago, who knows what I would’ve written.

And the day starts as it ended:

Woke up with a stone in my stomach

with one eye closed

Someday you’ll wake up

and like who you are again

In time, it’ll be enough to see peeks of blue

teasing me out in the corner of my window

So I’m up,

dressed for the Spring,

disregarding March’s deceiving light

and blaming myself for trusting that gopher

So I'm putting my best foot forward

Yet my worst foot stays behind

but it's not stuck

just the pace it moves is negligible is all

These new pants

This new haircut

With a boba coupon in my pocket

I can be good

behave and attest

myself and others


I had moved as a dummy,

but now my body aches for contentment

yet growls at crumbs

having decided long ago that

eating is an act of moving on

Only I know what I would’ve written 2 hours ago.

I think about how

when you were sick I kissed you through your mask,

never considering the possibility of a chronic illness

or an immunodeficiency.

I learned that Bronchitis isn't contagious

but it’s the sickness that causes it.

I still cough a wad every day

as minimal it may be,

I’ve yet to address that insecurity


This deep lunge I take rips myself in 2

I stand at the line

This one that you drew

(or should I say the lack thereof)

that doesn't tell me what I should or shouldn’t do

It’s not even a line.

A sphere wrapped around me

that refracts my face

until it all fades to green

BANG!—And the second shot fires.

DNF posted online.

I notice your face hasn't changed. Why?

How much soot must I throw back?

How many blanks must I fire?
What moisturizer do you use? Send me the link?

I should’ve written it all 2 hours ago.

In my declaration of dependence

signed in sporadic splotches

at the edge of my pillow

abridged to unrecognition:

Someday. Someday. someday. Someday. Someday

I don't need “someday”. I don’t need to feel.

I don't need any of it right now.

What I need is retrospect!

Walk of shame

Consolation claps

The flag still flies

And someday I know I’ll wake up

returning sunlight’s love

And tomorrow I know I’ll wake up

to hate you all over again

2 hours, I want to delete it all

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