The Way It Goes

Graphics by Amy Hoang
March 28, 2024

Spring came in full festive force. 
The flowers smile at the revitalized trees.
Cherry blossoms in bloom
soak in the laughter of gleeful passersby. 
When spring comes, 
we all become friends. 
No more coats and gloves, 
just short sleeves and sandals.
It happens every year 
yet remains special each time. 

In the midst of my reverie 
appears a revenant 
bent on my despair. 
It whispers to me tales 
of a bleak future 
filled with discouraging winds and unyielding skies. 
I remember that 
who just left 
will come back again. 
While spring sings and dances, 
winter plots its revenge. 
Summer and autumn continue the festivities. 
And yet
it all fades, 
and winter reigns again. 
The days today
full of pleasant breezes and invigorating sunlight 
will soon enough turn bitter 
by winter’s eager night. 

The future’s wretched terror 
tainting today’s water. 
I dread the imperfection of my happiness. 
Its volatility and fleeting tendencies. 
Spring just arrived, 
but I don’t want it to leave. 
Yet I’m helpless to stop it. 
I’m left no choice 
but to remember. 
Remember the smiling flowers. 
Remember the laughter and floating cherry blossoms.
Remember this moment
and cherish it.
Cherish its life 
and cherish its death.

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